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Welcome to Sunshine Bengals!

We are a Canadian Bengal breeder located near Montreal, Quebec. We raise traditional brown rosetted Bengals as well as snow rosetted Bengals. We occasionally have marble pattern Bengals as well. Our focus is on healthy Bengal kittens with an eye catching appearance as if from the wild. We strive to produce family oriented Bengals with a great temperament. We are proud members of TICA and TIBCS since 2006.

Available Bengal Kittens

We have the following Bengal kittens available for sale as of 3/20/14:

Health Testing

At Sunshine Bengals we screen for the following:

  • Our Bengals are screened yearly for HCM
  • Our Bengals are tested for PK-Deficiency
  • We are a FIV and FeLV negative cattery
  • We are a tritrichomonas foetus negative cattery

More about Bengals...

Beautiful Bengals... with the look of the wild and hearts of gold. They are extraordinary domestic cats that fill your life with immense amounts of joy and fun. An adorable bengal kitten develops into a gorgeous cat with a coat of silk, glitter, and exotic spots, rosettes, or marble patterns.

Bengals have outstanding purrsonalities. Bengal kittens and adults are active, energetic, intelligent, outgoing, friendly, affectionate and make great household pets and excellent companions that interact well with children and other pets. You will often find your Bengal snuggling sound asleep with his “dog buddy” if you have a dog!

The Bengal cat was created by breeding a domestic cat to a forest dwelling Asian Leopard Cat. Bengal cats are stunningly beautiful with their nocturnal wild eyes, plush pelted coats, leopard markings and long muscular bodies. They are known for their unique personalities. Bengals are highly intelligent, curious, social and athletic. They have often been characterized for their dog like demeanor and make wonderful and loving companions. To learn more about the bengal cat visit The International Cat Association!

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